What is DKP?

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    What is DKP?

    Post by Chaose on Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:35 am

    DKP rules are simple:

    DKP are used to bid for T6,warglaves and KJ's bow ONLY.
    10 dkp will be added to every raid member if a boss dyes...this works only for SWP and BT.Do not expect to get DKP for ZA bosses Kara etc...
    When T6 drops members will bid with their DKP for them...the highest bidder gets the T6.
    So the thing is...join Graids get DKP and get your T6.

    DKP('Dragon Kill Points' or 'Dungeon Kill Points') is a term that carries a lot of weight with it. Some people hate them, some people love them. Some people don't understand them, others can't live without them. My raid jokingly referred to them as 'HFP' or 'Happy Fun Points' before implementing them, simply because it was a term that had less of a negative spin on it. Amusingly enough, the term has stuck for the last two and a half years.

    It only recently dawned on me that the World of Warcraft has its own built-in DKP system to some extent, based off of set item prices determined by the raid leader. They're called Badges of Justice. Blizzard is your Raid Leader. For every raid or heroic boss you kill, you get a Badge of Justice. How many badges you earn is roughly based on the difficulty of the encounter, from one to three badges.

    While not everyone likes the Badge of Justice system, most people do. Being able to accumulate badges in new places for new rewards is exciting! When it comes down to it, they're just DKP. Instead of being tally marks on a chart somewhere, they're material possessions in your bags.

    Naturally, there are many different DKP systems out there, as varied as the raids that use them. It's possible I'm the last person on Azeroth to realize it, but I simply found it interesting that even Blizzard has implemented pseudo-DKP.

    Those of you out there that loathe the idea of DKP, do Badges of Justice make you feel any better about it? Worse?

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