Most Wanted Guild

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    Most Wanted Guild

    Post by Chaose on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:45 am

    Most Wanted is a small guild with a big heart...we want to develop a nice community, a community that HELPS!We've posted few screenshots with our latest events and raids we dont really have players of the calibre to kill bosses like Illidan but soon if we will reach a higher level we hope to go even furter...we try to do daily raids/events to help players to develop theyr characters,the only sad thing is that we dont have players that are willing to join the events or raids going on...

    1.Turtle racing pvp event...the winner got 50k gold and some other prizes...the players who joined also got 5k gold each consolation prize...

    2.Karazan raid where we managed to kill all bosses...except the bugged dragon.

    3.Hyjal raid where we managed to kill only Rage winterchill...the d/c fucked us up...many ppl left cuz of them...

    4.Naked PvP Event...the winner got 100k GOLD! and other prizes! funny event cuz the gear didnt count in this PVP event...as you know a Ench shammy won and still the items he had were all green...that means all bad or good geard ppl had the same chances to win....skill was the most important.

    We hope more people will notice our hard work and join us to grow a helping and frenldy comunity!

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    Re: Most Wanted Guild

    Post by ImsoCool on Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:24 am

    Great screens. It's a pitty i wasn't in kara raid that cleaned it all.

    The guild is great, really love the ppls that are in it. We have great leaders.

    Just want the guild to expand more. It's a great guild, as I said. I'm kinda repetetive couse I don't know what to say.

    Love you all guys!

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