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    Post by vickpk on Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:35 am

    1.) Nick:Gehhena

    2.) Describe your gear in a few words:Just started a week ago on this server and got some nice items for both pve and pvp.The gear is not imba but can do much with it combined wth my specc:)

    3.) Class, level, race:

    4.) Your current professions?none yet cause im concentrating on gear farming

    5.) Previous characters(class/lvl/realm/...)?Vick(Druid),Tankstyle(warrior),Moroe(shaman) (retail chars, u can check them on armory if u want:))

    6.) Raid experiences (60/70lvl)?got lots of raid experience from retail( i was in a BT raiding guild when retail was BC)

    7.) Previous guild(s) and reason why leave?was in a few guilds on this server and al of them were chaotic Neutral

    8.) Name of your character(and your alts from the guild, if you have any)?

    9.) Why do you want to be an "Most Wanted"?
    I heard its a serious guild and i think id enjoy it

    10.) Have you visited and read all the Rules and Loot Rules, Do you agree whit them (if not, specify why)

    haven't read yet but will agree anyway:))
    11.) Do you know any Guild member from Most Wanted?

    12.) Where do you live and do you speak fluent english?
    Romania, and i think i speak a fluent english...

    13.) How old are you?

    14.) If your presence is needed in a major guild event, are you determined to quit your current activities and help the guild ?

    15.) A few words about you...

    Im a simple teenager that likes wow and many other things as Parkour,soccer and academics Debate:D
    16.) Do you have any questions to us?
    not yet but might have in the future:)

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    Demi God.

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    Re: Gehhena:Application

    Post by Hodas on Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:07 am

    Welcome to Guild, whisper any officer for invintation

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