Karizmatian's application



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    Karizmatian's application

    Post by rapid on Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:49 pm

    1.) Nick:

    2.) Describe your gear in a few words.
    I have full PVE gear,Guardian's,4/5 set PVP gear
    main hand weap. is brutal,and offhand is from swp

    3.) Class, level, race:
    Shaman,70(oufcourse),draenei(only draenei in ally lol)

    4.) Your current professions?
    Mining and Jeweler crafter

    5.) Previous characters(class/lvl/realm/...)?
    Well i have all characters(mage/dudu/war/lock...) on this server only,all full epics PVE/PVP gear.

    6.) Raid experiences (60/70lvl)?
    Well in this 2 years i done all bosses except Illidan(tryied but didn't kill him)2 years(70 lvl).

    7.) Previous guild(s) and reason why leave?
    EvOlUtIoN.been long in it but a lot of ppl leaved so i needed new guild for PVE raids.

    8.) Name of your character + class/spec?
    I allready told this be4. Karizmatican,shaman,enchantment.

    9.) Why do you want to be an "Most Wanted"?
    Well my friend told me its good guild and that you raid nice.and for now how much he's in MW he told you killed all bosses.for now

    10.) Have you visited and read all the Rules and Loot Rules, Do you agree whit them (if not, specify why)
    well oufcourse i readed them,and oufcorse i agree with them.

    11.) Do you know any Guild member from Most Wanted?
    Yea,Bosniasoul,he's my rl friend and he told me for MW.

    12.) Where do you live and do you speak fluent english?
    I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina!And i speek english as you saw. xD

    13.) How old are you?

    14.) If your presence is needed in a major guild event, are you determined to quit your current activities and help the guild ?
    Well its 1st thing.Ex:If im doing 2v2 i will cancel it for tomorow and help somone to get better gear.

    15.) A few words about you...
    Well my rl name is Armin Beljusic.Playing wow for 4 years,very exp. know a lot of ppl that i can bring in guild that are good.

    16.) Do you have any questions to us?
    Actually,Not so much.But i can ask you:Can you inv me to Most Wanted Smile!!!
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    Re: Karizmatian's application

    Post by AlCapone on Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:52 pm

    Application Granted, feel free to wisper any of the officers to get invited, Welcome to our comunity Smile


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