Bloodfest app.



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    Bloodfest app.

    Post by Blood on Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:43 am

    1.) Nick: Bloodfest

    2.) Describe your gear in a few words: Active, wowaholic.

    3.) Class, level, race: Rogue,70, human.( I know rogues are noobish, but I play for relaxing and not to stress even more than I already do.

    4.) Your current professions: First aid as secondary skill, growing engineering soon.

    5.) Previous characters(class/lvl/realm/...): Warriors, mages, warlocks, shamans, druids, priests, hunters, all level 70.

    6.) Raid experiences (60/70lvl): Vast raid experience, trust me.

    7.) Previous guild(s) and reason why leave: HordeElite, I left because I turned to alliance.

    8.) Name of your character + class/spec: Bloodfest, rogue/subtlety.

    9.) Why do you want to be an "Most Wanted": Best PvE guild I've ever heard of.

    10.) Have you visited and read all the Rules and Loot Rules, Do you agree whit them (if not, specify why): I agree.

    11.) Do you know any Guild member from Most Wanted: Not really no.

    12.) Where do you live and do you speak fluent english: I live in Romania and I speak English as fluent as you can imagine.

    13.) How old are you: 16

    14.) If your presence is needed in a major guild event, are you determined to quit your current activities and help the guild : Yep, I told you I'm wowaholic.

    15.) A few words about you: "I'm nothing of what you haven't yet imagined."

    16.) Do you have any questions to us: Not really, no.
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    Re: Bloodfest app.

    Post by AlCapone on Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:59 am

    Application Granted, feel free to wisper any officer fron the guild to get invited, Welcome Smile

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